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Who is Yellow Magic
“Any sufficiently Advanced technology is Indistinguishable from Magic.”
   ~Arthur c. Clarke

Yellow Magic Incorporated is a global supplier of software solutions for Directory Publishers and the Local Search Industry. Our software has been licensed to more than 170 publishers for directory production for 53 countries and in 23 languages. Supported publishing formats include both Print and Electronic (Internet, CD-ROM, and Mobile) directories. The software helps reduce costs, errors and overtime, while improving quality and increasing productivity and revenue.

The Yellow Magic solution consists of the base Yellow Magic Business Management and Publishing System and additional ancillary programs to add functionality as required for different publisher's needs and the size of the publisher.  The base Yellow Magic system includes modules for Lead Generation, Sales Management, Customer Relations Management, Sales Reporting, Sales Tracking, Commission Calculations, Workflow Control (Sales Assignments, Display Ad, In-column Ads, and Proof Tracking), Contract Entry, Proof Generation, Document Imaging for the Paperless Office, Quality Control, Database Maintenance, Billing, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger information for your Accounting Program, Free Listings Entry and Maintenance, Management Reports, Import/Export of Data, Directory Specifications, Composition, Typesetting, Pagination, Index Generation, and a lot more. This includes the functionalities that are all that is needed by most publishers.

Comprehensive Local Search Solutions


During your search for a new yellow pages or local search system, there are many important things to consider. In addition to the program itself, you need to take a close look at the company that stands behind the program. Arthur C. Clarke once said, ”Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology is Indistinguishable from Magic."

At Yellow Magic Incorporated, we take that wise observation seriously. The number of experienced, talented and dedicated Yellow Magic Incorporated programmers and staff continues to grow with our customer base, ensuring our commitment to quality, service, customer satisfaction, and the dedication to developing useful software that performs as if by “magic” for our industry.

CEO, Ronald Gale Mintle, our company's founder, began his career designing and implementing directory publishing systems in 1971 and has lead the development of many industry innovations over the years.

Mr. Mintle was a vital part of the programming team that developed one of the industry's first yellow pages systems. While he was developing yellow pages systems and other directory applications, Mr. Mintle simultaneously developed typesetting and management systems for the check printing, newspaper, and magazine industries. He has devoted almost his entire working life to the directory publishing field—programming, designing, developing, and marketing the production tools that publishers need. Over the years, Mr. Mintle has surrounded

himself with a strong team of associates all equally dedicated to the directory publishing industry.

The development of Yellow Magic, the sixth in a series of yellow pages systems designed by Mr. Mintle and his associates, began in 1989. (The previous systems were all built as custom systems for individual publishers—one in Europe, one in Asia, and two in the US).

The goal of Yellow Magic's design team was to create the ideal publishing system. During the system's development, with this goal in mind, the design team went straight to the source—the yellow pages publishers who were surveyed regarding their needs for the ideal system. The development team used the responses to their queries to create a system truly designed for this industry. Yellow Magic was first introduced at the ANADP Show in

April 1991.

It has continued to evolve since then, incorporating into the programs the needs and requests of both prospective and new customers, all of whom are established and successful publishers.

Today, Yellow Magic is installed and operating in publishing companies worldwide. In addition to many, many sites in the USA, Yellow Magic is installed at publishing companies in North America, Central America, South America, Asia, and Europe. Our programs truly speak a global language. As Yellow Magic Incorporated and its powerful line of products continue to lead the industry and set industry standards, it seems clear that we've accomplished our goal. Yellow Magic is truly the ideal publishing system.

Since 1984

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Mobile Products

iPad, iPhone and Android Mobile Directory Publishing- YelloTouch

Digital directory Yellow Pages publishing with a touch of magic! Your entire directory becomes a digital, downloadable app on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.  Maintains your book look-and-feel exactly as it was printed, but with search, touch-to-dial and a lot more!  And, edit and Update your Apple and Android Directory Apps  - YelloTouch Editor   Update your YelloTouch Apple and Android mobile directories after you have already published your app!  Add links to websites, videos, promotions, deals, change telephone numbers or addresses and make your directory dynamic and keep selling all year round!

Mobile Sales Force Automation for Telephone Directory Publishers -Digital Signatures, Paperless Contracts, Ad Proofs, Real-Time Sales Figures - Mobile SalesMagic

A  sales rep’s complete mobile office on an iPad! Monitor real-time sales results.

Format your Yellow Pages Directory for the Nook and Kindle eBook Readers - YelloReader

Distribute your White and Yellow Pages Digitally on Amazon for Kindle and on Barnes & Noble for the Nook!  Fastest growing gadgets on the planet! Extend your distribution with with eBook Reader Directory Publishing and Mobile Reader apps.

Internet Products

Internet Yellow Pages Directory Publishing - MagicCarpet Internet Yellow Pages HTML

With MagicCarpet IYP HTML publishing software you get the “Look and Feel” of your printed book on-line directly from your Yellow Magic data!

Internet Yellow Pages Directory Publishing with a List View Style - MagicCarpet ‘Lite’

MagicCarpet IYP “LITE” publishing software gives you a “List Viewing” of your printed book  
on-line and is also created directly from your Yellow Magic data.

Take Your Yellow Pages Directory Mobile with Mobile Directory Publishing -  with three versions to cover your marketplace:   MagicCarpet Mobile-HTML, MagicCarpet Mobile Apps and MagicCarpetMobile-SMS. With MagicCarpet Mobile, users can access your yellow pages and white pages directories from Internet-enabled mobile devices, mobile devices with a text plan, and from Apple and Android smart phones and tablets.

Directory Business Management
& Publishing  System

Directory Business Management & Publishing System- Yellow Magic

Take control of both your information and your business with Yellow Magic, our powerful, fully integrated business management and publishing system designed specifically for the directory publishing industry.

From lead generation and canvass management and commissions… through contract entry and account maintenance… continuing on to account billing and collections… and then all the way through creation of a CD of your pages for your printer “Yellow Magic” has you covered. When it comes to directory publishing, we set the standard by which all other publishing systems are measured.

Automated Lead Generation, Generates Advertising Leads- Lead$Magic

Don’t leave money on the table at the end of your Canvass.  Lead$Magic can contact up to 10,000 businesses in a single morning, that may not be advertising in your Directory and deliver you responses.
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CD Product

Yellow Pages Publishing on CD - ROM - MagicCarpet CD-ROM

MagicCarpet YP CD-ROM format publishes all the framework, look and feel, style and functionality of your IYP. The YP CD-ROM offers a classic off-line electronic platform of your printed book that is compact enough to take anywhere and is able to load onto any PC.

Other Yellow Magic Products

Edit and Update your Apple and Android Directory Apps  - YelloTouch Editor

Update your YelloTouch Apple and Android mobile directories after you have already published your app!  Add links to websites, videos, promotions, deals, change telephone numbers or addresses and make your directory dynamic and keep selling all year round.

Online Ad Proofing and Ad Approval Process - ProofMagic

Let your customers see & approve their ads without having to print them out. Send an e-mail to your customers with an approval request for your customers to make comments and approve their ads on-line!

Directory Listing  Automated Voice Verification System - VoiceVerify
VoiceVerify is an automated voice calling system that can be used to verify the accuracy of your listings and/or to generate sales leads.The system uses a file of listings and places calls to them automatically at a rate of approximately one call every second.When being used to verify the accuracy of listings in the white pages, both business that have free listings and residential listings are called and informed that the publisher is calling to verify the accuracy of their listing.It reads their name and    address to them and gives them a series of options from which to choose to indicate if the listing is accurate or not.

Convert your Proofs to PDF Files  - Poof!PDF

“Poof”- Just like Magic!  Poof!PDF Quickly Creates PDF Files for You!  Create compact PDF files from Postscript files; superior font control including most True Type fonts. PDF creation has never been easier or faster using Poof!PDF.  Create compact PDF files from Postscript files created by Yellow Magic or any other program.

Directory Distribution Tracking and Verification System - Telepath

Easily Track and Verify Your Directory’s Distribution


Interactive Pagination Software for Directory Publishing - Sleight-of-Hand

Paginate Your Directory with just a “Sleight-of-Hand”. Sleight-of-Hand is a true electronic paste-up table that is both powerful and “yellow pages smart.” Using Sleight-of-Hand you can produce approximately 400-800 finished yellow pages in a regular 8-hour shift. And that’s just for beginners. Experienced operators have completed more than 1000 pages in a single day!

Batch Pagination for your Yellow and White Pages Directories - Merlin

Merlin is a natural extension to the Yellow Magic's family of directory publishing products; operating almost invisibly between Yellow Magic, our directory publishing system, and Sleight-of-Hand, our interactive pagination system.  Merlin is capable of producing fully paginated pages at a rate of 60,000 pages per hour!



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