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Automated Listing & Distribution
Verification and Lead
eneration System

Why You Need An Automated Voice Listing & Distribution Verification System

◆  Reduce Time & Expense to Verify Listings & Distribution

◆  Only Call Leads & Follow-ups

◆  Generate Sales Leads

◆  Eliminate Disconnected Numbers

Directory Publishers usually rely on data listings given to them that is often inaccurate.  They have needed a listing and distribution verification program for some time that is both affordable and fast.  VoiceVerify is Yellow Magic’s answer to these industry issues and who better to assist you with this process than the yellow pages experts?

VoiceVerify is Yellow Magic’s solution to better to assist you with this process.

How VoiceVerify, our Fast and Efficient  

Automated Voice Listing and Distribution

Verification System Works

VoiceVerify  is a cloud-based, automated voice calling system that can be used to verify the accuracy of your listings and distribution and/or to generate sales leads.   

VoiceVerify - for Listing Verification

The system uses a file of listings and places a call almost every second. When being used to verify the accuracy of listings in the white pages, both business listings that have free listings and residential listings are called and informed that the publisher is calling to verify the accuracy of their listing. It reads their name and address to them and gives them a series of options from which to choose to indicate if the listing is accurate or not.

If the recipient indicates that the listing is inaccurate, the information is placed on a call-back list. It also provides a list of disconnected and busy numbers.

This process eliminates the need for a human operator to call every listing in the directory – instead, call only the ones that need attention!

VoiceVerify - for Directory Distribution

To verify your directory distribution, all numbers or a statistical sample of listings can be called and verified. The same process is automated to record positive or negative confirmations that your directory has been delivered.

VoiceVerify - for Lead Generation

If used for Lead Generation, the file of listings can be a list of businesses, for example, that did not advertise the previous year.  In this case, the message can be: “Now is the opportunity to be in the yellow pages…,” etc.  VoiceVerify can read their listing including the heading in which the listing will appear.  Then options can include electives such as:  “The information and classified heading is correct.”,  “Please have a rep call me to update my information.”, or  “Please have a rep call me to put me in additional headings or to place an ad.”

From the Start to the End of your Canvass, VoiceVerify offers you a Powerful Tool and Several Versatile Solutions!

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