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What is a Magic Club?

Technical Support & Product Evolution - Your Magic Club Advantages!

Magic Club membership includes three main features:

  1. Unlimited Technical Support  
  2. • Product Evolution
  3. • Magic Club meetings

Magic Club members enjoy unlimited technical support via our e-TSR
(Electronic Technical Support) web-based system, by telephone, fax, and
e-mail. This includes access to the latest service packs (updates to rectify
known problems) and on-line documentation and cookbook pages.
Also, when a direct connection with the member's computer is beneficial
to supply technical support, problem determination and resolution, or training, such
support is provided using our WebInteractive server or Remote Desktop Sharing.

Most software is sold as a "snapshot-in-time" product. In other words, when you license the product, you license a specific version, and as later versions become available, an upgrade license must be purchased. However, the Yellow Magic suite of programs is a "living system." This means
that our staff of many programmers is working every day to improve the product, add features, incorporate Magic Club member's suggestions,
support new technologies, and evolve the product with the industry. The results of all this work, new modules are released weekly and major
releases are provided each year. This ensures that our member's systems never become obsolete and the users can quickly incorporate features in their directories to remain competitive. The latest manuals and programs are available 24 hours a day on our web site.

Periodically, all Magic Club members are invited to participate in our user's group meeting. For three days, Yellow Magic Incorporated hosts training sessions on new features in the software and how to use these features to keep up with Industry trends. An opening "get acquainted" cocktail party and dinner is hosted to allow everyone to visit with old friends and to meet the new members. It is an excellent opportunity to make sure that our members are getting the most value out of their directory publishing software investment.

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