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Yellow Magic Customer Testimonials

Victoria L. Adam, Publisher, Ojai Valley Directory

 “We love Yellow Magic because it enables us to have total control in creating our Directory in-house. We   can easily make our book look exactly the way we want it without having to work with outside suppliers.   The support team is very responsive to our questions and is always there to help. We only have one book   and we were named the Gold Book Champion and Publisher of the Year during our second year with   Yellow Magic! But most important, to be able to make changes, additions and contract advertisers at the   VERY LAST MINUTE is priceless!”

Brad Beale, Publisher, Directory Publishers (PVT) LTD

“Yellow Magic has revolutionized the way we run our directories – the cost savings and increased   efficiencies compared to our previous system are exceptional, and taking into consideration our remote   location, the technical support has been incredible.”

LeAnn Robinson, Manager, KPC Media Group  KPC Phone Books

“We have been using Yellow Magic for several years and it has worked wonderful for us. We use just
  the production/pagination feature now. The staff is always helpful whenever we need it. I am hoping to   add products sometime soon, especially a product for mobile telephones. I enjoy working with the entire   group from Yellow Magic.”

Gale Stokes, Manager, The Community Phone Book

  “All I can say is that we have received excellent service from you over the years. Your staff is courteous,   professional, and willing to work with us with very good and friendly communications. We, of course,   will be back this year.

Karen Harris, Manager, Valley Direct Publications
I have worked with other software companies, and the customer support I have received from these   companies has been less than desirable.  This is not the case with Yellow Magic. My experience with   Yellow Magic’s customer service has been outstanding. Whatever our issue happens to be, accounts   receivable, setting up new books, making changes to proofs, etc, once I open a TSR, I normally have a   response the same day.  Kelli and Jason are a pleasure to work with and they explain the problem, and
  log in with me and help make corrections. The software is easy to use, and again, I cannot give enough   kudos for their staff and support.  Thank you for making my job a little easier!

Johnny Hunter, Manager, Comporium Publishing

  “We have been a telephone directory publisher for 70 years and have been using Yellow Magic since 1993.   We could not have grown the way we have in the last 18 years had it not been for Yellow Magic.  
  Their system helps us manage every aspect of our business and their tech support is always there to
  assist us in any way they can."  

Dennis Pinney,  Paradise Post Yellow Pages

“With Yellow Magic, what used to take weeks or even months to correct and paginate, or even
  re-paginate, now takes just a few minutes.  It has reduced production costs and allowed us to increase
  our sales canvas period, with the added bonus of better management of our overall expenses using its   outstanding reporting features.  Plus the graphic output quality is remarkable and errors & duplications
  are reduced to 0%, which equates to extremely happy clients and upsells.  It has even helped reduce our   network hardware costs.”

Mariano Williams Jr.,  Belize Telemedia

“For the past 5 years I have been the YM Administrator and have had to correspond with your Technical   Support team on a regular basis. Dealing with them has always been a good experience. I have found
  them to be very knowledgeable, professional and patient. The response to my TSR’s are very prompt.   Kelli and Jason constantly follows up to ensure the issue is resolved with minimum down time.  I look   forward to continuing the excellent working relationship we have developed over the years.”

Oscar Sousa-Marques, Directel Macau

 “Yellow Magic has revolutionized how we produce our directory, especially how quickly we can
    paginate the book.”

Mike Eaton, Our Town Phone Directory, Inc.

 “My experience with Yellow Magic has been one of the best professional experiences I have had the pleasure of   knowing.  When our small company entered into the arena of using technology instead of old school cut and   paste some 25 years ago, Yellow Magic was there to guide us and lead us down the path of higher efficiency and   more timely production.  I feel that we were at that time somewhat pioneers and Yellow Magic offered solutions   when we ran into things no one had ever experienced before. They were always quick to engage us where we
  were and in spite of our limited knowledge, Yellow Magic had the tools and expertise to get us through our crisis.  The staff has always treated us like we were all part of the same team and has always made themselves available to   us no matter what the time of day.  I hope people see my company in the same light that I see Yellow Magic.  In   my opinion, Yellow Magic is the only choice for a yellow page technical and software support partner.”

Shirley Seith, Fallbrook Directory  

 “We have been a customer of Yellow Magic for years, it has been a key element in lowering our production costs.    Yellow Magic has streamlined the process of publishing our directory, therefore making our company operate   more efficiently.  Their customer service and technical support is top of the line.”

Brieanne M. Reyes, Belize Telemedia

   “Yellow Magic has enabled us to keep up to date with the latest directory publishing trends.  First print, then    online and now mobile!  We look forward to many more great features and ways of utilizing these mediums.”

Rick Levin, Blue Book Publishers, Inc

  “Having the Yellow Magic System in place since 2000 has helped us to reduce costs and make our production
  department more efficient.  Their tech support is always quick to answer any questions and resolve all issues   quickly.”

Steve F. Milne, Blue Book Publishers, Inc

 “In the summer of 2000 my company decided to switch to a proprietary yellow page program.  I was asked to   research every available vendor and decided that the Yellow Magic program was the best one on the market.    After having used it on a daily basis for over twelve years I am convinced I was correct!  Implementation and    training was thorough and professional.  The knowledge base of the Yellow Magic tech support and their   responsiveness is the best I have ever experienced form a software provider.  They go above and beyond what I   ever expected.  The Yellow Magic program has allowed us to extend our sales window, cut our production time   and costs, and enable us to produce trouble-free files for superior printing.