New Items - 03/01/2010
  • More Visual Cookbooks! What are Visual Cookbooks? As you all know, manuals are great for finding out what a particular button or menu item will do, but often getting a job done requires that you know what steps need to be taken in what sequence to get it done quickly and correctly. We track questions from users, and when we see that we are getting the same questions asked about procedures, then we know it is time to make a Cookbook. Reading a Cookbook gives you step-by-step instructions on how to do what you want. These cookbooks are great, but then we decided what would be even better is to be able to see the actual process on the Yellow Magic screen. We now have over 30 Visual Cookbooks on the TSR site. Read More!
  • Be sure to install Teleporter (which also has a Visual Cookbook) to receive your automatic updates to your YM system.
Tools for your Sales and Production Teams

12/01/2008 - Tips for Good Financial Returns on Investment using Yellow Magic Products

Several of Yellow Magic’s newest add-on products developed in 2008 are designed to be extremely affordable, especially considering that they are cutting-edge products in the Yellow Pages Industry. Below are a few tips on how to increase your sales, branding and market share in 2009 using both multi-platform publishing tools and organizational tools for your Sales and Production Teams.

Multi-Platform Publishing Tools

1) Publish a Mobile Directory

MagicCarpet Mobile, which won the 2008 YPA Industry Gold Award for Process Innovation this year, is an inexpensive add-on to your system that can produce a dynamic, new income- generating Mobile Directory which will give your advertisers many new sales opportunities with target consumers-on-the go, and provide the added exposure and branding of your directory. You will still be ahead of the curve next year with providing your local markets with a MOBILE Directory. (For more information on how easy it is to create a new Mobile Directory click here)

2) Publish an Internet Directory or Reduce Printing Costs with a CD-ROM Directory

If you have not considered adding an Internet Yellow Pages Directory yet or a CD-ROM distributed Directory, consider that these MagicCarpet products can publish your directories at the fraction of the cost of a printed book with a measurable positive impact into the marketplace. Adding digital books generates increased use of your directories, adds considerable new reach of your coverage area, especially in the case of MOBILE directories and Internet accessed Directories. Additionally, mailing out CD-ROM Directories offers a super inexpensive channel to add exposure and sales opportunities for your advertisers and helps further brand your name. (For more information on adding Multi-Platform Publishing tools for your Sales Marketing Strategy Plan for 2009, click here, or for Magic Carpet Lite click here)

Electronic Directories, in general will give you the flexibility and ability to sell several different types of ads, with several different levels of rates and affordability, while offering the advertiser the opportunity to change their ad all during the year for specific seasonal offers.

Organizational Tools

Consider increasing sales through the use of a tool that develops real-time efficiency in the sales field and for your entire Sales Team with Mobile SalesMagic. This program merges effortlessly with your current system and is a surprisingly low cost, affordable investment tool that tracks and improves your sales, in real-time. With Mobile SalesMagic you will be able to electronically assign sales leads and your sales staff can organize their sales calls, make appointments, see maps and driving directions to their prospect’s office, set reminders and more! And then they can report the results of their sales calls all from their cell phone. Get daily trends and sales figures in real time! (For more information on Mobile SalesMagic click here)
07/31/2008 - Yellow Magic has programmed several new reports which were a part of the V2.1 Release. We want to make sure our customers know what is available and reports seem to get over looked. There are now over 240 reports which can easily help you report and in many cases now export the data you want.

Today’s Feature Report – Exports / #810 Sales Report by Rep to Excel

Sales Managers will love this new report, #810 - Sales Report by Rep, which is exported directly to your Microsoft Excel program. This report provides you with sales tracking tools such as start and end dates for your sales canvass, how many days in the canvass have passed and how many are remaining.

This report gives you the ability to see a summary view or a detailed view for one or all of your sales reps. The detailed version will list all the accounts that have been closed/retired in Yellow Magic as of the date it is being run. Some of this information will be $$ assigned, $$ retired and $$ remaining to sell. It tells you what category those dollars went to; renewal, increase, cancelled and gain/loss $$. Most of this information will also be given to you in percentages. But, the real attraction to this report is the pie charts! The pie charts allow you to see how the sales reps are performing based on the overall canvass duration, their remaining workload and sales categories at a quick glance.

To use Export Report #810 you will need to fill in canvass start and end dates which are located under Maintenance/Books. Each book when you choose Edit will have a Canvass Tab where you will fill in that books canvass start and end dates. You must have MS Excel installed on the machine running the report as well.
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