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Virtual Green, Meets Virtual Yellow
A New Wave of Technology Embraces Paperless and Eco-Friendly Publishing

Whether you publish a printed book, newspaper, magazine or sheet music, you are probably experiencing a flood of new paperless publishing concepts that meet a growing trend of 'eco-friendly' supporters.  If you attended our exciting trade industry association shows this year in Texas for ADP and in Las Vegas for YPA, then you were exposed to important new statistics reflecting growth within digital publishing formats and platforms, combined with social media sharing. 

These statistics showed that the economy has hurt everyone, but publishers with a variety of electronic products to sell have weathered the storm a lot better.

Certainly e-books, reports, journals and e-zines have been around awhile, along with the world wide web of hosted digital content. But the new thrust and push for paperless publishing seems to be more about lifestyle mobility than it seems to be driven by conservation or hazmat waste issues.

Nevertheless, you CAN apparently hit two birds with one stone!  With the mobile phone/device industry taking leaps and bounds in hardware innovation, business apps, connectivity and share features, MOBILE is driving the paperless publishing demand more than any other element.

Looking at world facts and statistics we are all growing more accustomed to getting information on-demand using a mobile device rather from just a PC or a printed format resource.

Although we feel quite confident PAPER and printed media will never go away, the advantages of digital distribution and digital publishing are helping each of our companies grow in both reach and frequency of the use of our products, while saving tremendous revenue typically spent on printing and manual distribution.

Yellow Magic, forcasting these trends, has added a few more mobile directory publishing tools, platYelloTouch iPad iPhone Directory Publishing Yellow Magicforms and apps that are indeed ‘paperless,' GREEN-eco friendly, including publishing Yellow Pages directories onto an iPhone, iPad and Android using realistic “touch" page-turning technology "YelloTouch."  Each is available for distribution to consumers on the Apple App Store or Android App Market and is a turn-key publishing program for private (brand) labeling.

Carrying your yellow pages directory on your iPhone or iPad or other mobile device allows you to have access to the business community without the need for incurring directory assistance calls – which add up!  Adding touch, flip page technology, zoom in features and robust search results, make tapping to call or to save a listing a positive user experience and makes you a true GREEN Yellow Pages publisher.

Depending on what format you add for mobile directory publishing, you can give your consumers a super high end experience with clicking-through to audio and video and more, or an ON PHONE solution that does not require a data plan, or target the fastest growing segment of consumers in Mobile – users with Texting plans, by offering a friendly SMS version to retrieve your local directory’s listings.  You can even search our mobile directories with Twitter Tweets!  Additionally, there are several new push-pull applications tied into social media sharing networks that can also create more leads and sales for your advertisers that springboard off electronic directory platforms.

Yellow Magic Incorporated Ron MIntle Speaker KelseyYellow Magic has also added the iPad to the long list of supported devices for Mobile SalesMagic.  When using iPads, sales reps have a totally paperless, mobile office in their hands.  There have been many attempts at automating the sales process with laptops, but not until the iPad could we have paperless contracts with digital signature approvals.  With the lower cost and simplicity of use, it is now possible to have all sales presentation materials, sales tools, calendaring, maps, driving directions, proof sheets, spec ads, multiple proposals, and more on a device that has a 10-hour battery life to create a sales tool that is guaranteed to result in more sales calls for the same amount of time. And with YelloTouch, reps can even carry around a copy of every book you publish! This is the most exciting new application for our industry and I will be speaking at the upcoming Kelsey conference in Dallas on the subject “The iPad: A Game Changer for Yellow Pages?”

Follow this link to learn more.

Additionally, we have added an online paperless ad proofing and approval platform, "ProofMagic."  This offers a great way to save money and time for the publisher and advertiser as well as conserving paper.

Have a wonderful Summer!

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Mobile SalesMagic's new iPad version with Paperless Contracts and Digitial Signature Approvals

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YelloTouch iPad and iPhone Yellow Pages Directory Publishing formats


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