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Advertiser Testimonials - You Can’t Beat Proven Results

The ADP has published several Advertising Testimonials that sum up this statement:

“There is no greater proof of the continuing effectiveness and value of the print Yellow Pages than testimonials from advertisers who carefully track the sources of their incoming calls.”
Association of Directory Publishers

Communication Publishing-Ty O’Farrell Agent 1
Communication Publishing-Ty O’Farrell Agent 2

Hagadone-Beautiful Blinds, Shutter & Shades
Hagadone-Dance with Debbie
Hagadone-Law Office of M.C. Bruce
Hagadone-Alpine Aire Heating
Hagadone-Financial Testimonial
Hagadone-Madsen Law Offices of North Idaho

Summit Publications-A1
Summit Publications-Big O Tires
Summit Publications-AB May
Summit Publications-Snake and Rooter

Haines-Zellar and Barclay Attorney’s At Law
Haines-McMillen Dental Group
Haines-Paisley’s Rental

Sunshine Media-David Aymond Testimonial
Sunshine Media-Doctor’s Urgent Care
Sunshine Media-Scott’s Pharmacy

Tarheel-Total Systems Heating & Cooling

Downey Publishing-Customer Testimonials

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