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"85% of Yellow Pages users make a purchase."   -Dr. Dennis Fromholzer

"Buyers used the print Yellow Pages 7.4 billion times last year."   -David Goddard

"Trees are cut to make lumber, not directory paper."   -Paul Gordon

"Consumers with the most to spend, use the Yellow Pages the most."   -David Goddard

"76% of adult Americans used the Yellow Pages last year."  -Steve Sitton

"To advertisers, one call is worth 25 times more than a click."  -Dr. Dennis Fromholzer

"Calls to the Yellow Pages were up 18% last year."   -David Goddard

"Yellow Pages are delivered once a year and are 100% recyclable."   -Paul Gordon

"$6 out of every $10 spent at local businesses comes from a Yellow Pages search."    -Steve Sitton

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Yellow Pages has a Greater Reach, More Trusted than Search for Local
Local Search Association

Are the Yellow Pages Dead?  NO!
David Goddard, IMS/Local Search Authority

Advertising Testimonials - Video
Sales Collateral
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