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A Message by the Association of Directory Publishers

“There is a virus of misperception spreading today that grossly undervalues the Yellow Pages.  For that, our Association takes part of the responsibility. Today, the Association of Directory Publishers, the heart and voice of the independent Yellow Pages industry and the emerging leader of the entire print Yellow Pages industry, is stepping to the forefront to proclaim to all that the Yellow Pages are alive and well and must be considered by every smart business to be a valuable part of its media mix.  The rallying call for this ADP-sponsored initiative is the Power of Yellow.  ADP is confident that advertisers will be the greatest beneficiaries of this initiative as they gain fuller appreciation for the Yellow Pages’ exceptional ROI, low cost of customer acquisition, high impact of customer influence, and unmatched call-to-purchase conversion rate. For advertisers and consumers alike, there is a special sub-section of the ADP web site that should be their trusted source for reliable, research-based data about the Power of Yellow”.  Larry Angove, President ADP

Yellow Pages are an extremely valuable resource in any local community, consistently connecting buyers with sellers for over one hundred years.  Yellow Pages have an amazing performance track record as a business and consumer resource.  Their market share of users, coupled with their advertising revenue generated is so significant that competitors often try to erode their notoriety and market share in any way they can, no matter what it takes or what must be erroneously rumored.   

After the dust settles, Yellow Pages Publishers win, advertisers and consumers win, and local employment wins, as the Yellow Pages Directory Industry continues to hold their ground gracefully by providing both digital and printed relevant local search content and connecting buyers and sellers with their directional resources.   

In response to recent mythical hog-wash and paid propaganda created by companies who would like to be able to compete with the Yellow Pages and their allies to convince the world that “Yellow Pages are “dead,”  we reflect upon Mark Twain and cordially reply, The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”   -  This was Mark Twain's response to a false obituary published about his death.  Yellow Pages are not dead, no, not by a long shot according to the real facts and statistics.  The truth is that the Yellow Pages Industry generated over 14 billion dollars nationally and 25 billion dollars worldwide in advertising revenue last year.
Great worth attracts great envy!  

Yellow Magic Incorporated honors the Yellow Pages Industry for consistently receiving high accolades for exceeding Business and Industry Standards for excellence in accuracy, relevancy, reliability, sustainability, as a significant provider of local jobs, as a generous donator and sponsor of both local and national events, charities and as a welcomed community/business service.

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