Mobile SalesMagic

Paperless Sales System - Sell Digital & Print Products

Mobile Sales Force Automation

An Advertising Sales Rep’s Complete Mobile Office on an iPad

Create & Manage Appointments

Manage your accounts with several tools, including Appointments.  
Get Reminders, Maps and Driving Directions, History of your Accounts, and Lead information, Pre-filled Contracts, Spec Art Approval, Create Memos for Accounts and Leads, and Change and View Sales Status, Share Product Demos and more.

Select Update Sales Assignments to Download More Leads
with Pre-filled Contracts!

Menu Option|

There are SEVERAL menu option features.  The most prerequisite is getting Leads and Accounts assigned electronically.  Mobile SalesMagic makes it easy to organize Leads and Accounts, sell items, view status of each, add notes, and report sales transactions digitally and much more.

Download Leads Electronically!

Sell new items, add them easily to the contract using drop
down menus, add discounts, memos, capture digital signatures!

Menu Option

View Contracts

           or Account, or Add a New Business.

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More Info

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Offering in-field Digital, Mobile, Sales Force Automation will save money and help

create a more profitable Sales Department.

Paperless Contracts

Paperless Ad Proofs

Almost Eliminates Contract Entry

 on a slim iPad!

Mobile SalesMagic Saves Money

Fast! er


More Leads

Faster than Manual Sales Reporting & Lead Distribution!