Fully Automate Your           Directory Publishing System with Merlin


Merlin's versatile and powerful logic is capable of       producing fully paginated pages at a rate that can     exceed 6,000 pages per hour! That translates into huge production increases and the ability to ad or change anything in your directory up to the last minute.


Just imagine the possibilities.  Signature overruns? 

Simply adjust your book's leading or margins slightly and re-page your book in minutes to save money on your printing costs.  Last minute ad?  Merlin's speed of pagination enables you to extend your sales canvass. 

Can you say "more revenue?"


Merlin is a natural extension to       Yellow Magic's family of directory publishing products; operating       almost invisibly between Yellow Magic, our directory publishing    system, and Sleight-of-Hand, our    interactive pagination system.


Using your pagination rules, selected from a

comprehensive list of options, Merlin takes the galley information extracted from the Yellow Magic Databases and it determines the best page layout.




Batch Pagination

Text Box: Paginate 6,000 Pages per Hour!
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The resulting file structure is then passed to

Sleight-of-Hand, where you can view the pages, and modify, when necessary, prior to typesetting. 


Since Merlin is simply a "black box" to Sleight-of-Hand, the time required to learn Merlin is minimal.


Moreover, the Merlin operators have the power of Sleight-of-Hand at their fingertips and can override any  Merlin's decisions and use all of Sleight-of-Hand's features; such as anchor page resolution, index      creation, color separation, direct to plate, and much more.


Merlin uses today's technology to fully automate the pagination     process. 


Isn't it time you traded

in your light table?



Merlin is the ideal solution for directory publishers seeking a fully automatic      directory publishing system.   It's like nothing you've ever seen. 



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