HARDWARE and SOFTWARE Requirements




The Yellow Magic system is a finely tuned suite of over 1200 programs that function together seamlessly to perform the business

management, production, and publication operations. The hardware and network that you provide, as listed below, is the minimum

platform on which the system operates most efficiently.


System installation and training of your personnel is included as a part of your licensing of Yellow Magic. To ensure that the time

allotted for these procedures is efficiently utilized, it is essential that all hardware, network, and third-party items be installed and

operating prior to the arrival of our trainers for the first training day scheduled.


We are available to assist and advise you and your suppliers to ensure that all is in readiness for efficient and successful installation

and training.


FILE SERVER COMPUTER (one required per Network) (Footnote 1)

Latest Pentium computer is preferred minimum (larger installations could use a faster computer or a multiprocessor server)

1 GB RAM (minimum) (Footnote 2)

30Gb hard disk drive (minimum) (Footnote 3)

1.44Mb floppy disk drive

CD ROM drive

Color monitor and adapter

File server network interface card (100Mbit or faster)

Windows 2000 or later Server.
If floating licenses are to be used, then the server and all clients must be on the same domain.


EACH OPERATOR COMPUTER (one required per User License) (Footnote 1)

Latest Pentium personal computer (1.6 GHZ Minimum)

512Mb RAM minimum

20Gb hard disk drive (Footnote 4), CD ROM Drive

SVGA 17'' color monitor capable of displaying 1024x768 resolution (Footnote 5)

Network interface card (100Mbit or faster.)

Windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP Professional

Ultra Edit (1DM Computer Solutions, Inc.), 11.0 or later- 1 per workstation
Adobe Acrobat

Norton Anti-Virus (Symantec) (or other virus protection software) - 1 per workstation

GhostScript 8.11 or later and corresponding GSView 4.5 or later (free down load) for each work station

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or later with Microsoft Virtual Machine 5.0 or later. Win95, Win98 or ME are not supported


MagicCarpet users only:

Adobe Photoshop 6.0 – 1 per workstation that will use MagicCarpet

Adobe Illustrator 10.0 or later – 1 per workstation that will load fonts into VCR



Visual FoxPro 9.0 or later – 1 per system

High-Speed Internet Connection

132-column dot matrix printer (Epson or fully Epson compatible) if imprinting on multi-part forms

PostScript Level 2 or higher laser printer

Uninterruptible power supply

Backup tape drive


Please Note: Each of the above third-party items should be acquired at the latest version and must be

upgraded as each respective supplier releases each new version.


Windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP Professional Color monitor, 20'' or larger


(Sleight-of-Hand is installed on an operator station that has the Typesetting function of Yellow Magic and that is
normally used for day-to-day Yellow Magic functions)



Although the list above is the minimum configuration, you should always consider investing in the fastest available components
with the largest practical capacities. Your hardware and network combination is a one-time investment and is, after all, a

management and production tool. The speed and efficiency of such items pays off from the first day in smoother operations

and higher productivity



Larger screen monitors

PostScript laser printers with sheet sizes up to 11 x 17 inches and higher resolution may be used for both proofing and for
final copy

CD writer

PostScript Color Printer if you desire to have color proofs


In addition to the above Hardware and Software requirements, other necessary procedures must be met prior to the day of installation. Here is a link to the Pre-Installation Checklist.

 Pre-Installation Check List1.pdf


Following are suggestions to add to your system if you will create and edit graphic images:

Graphic scanner with control computer and large screen monitor

Programs to create, edit, assemble, and manage display ads and logos; recommended software: Adobe Illustrator,
Adobe InDesign,

Photo Shop, Freehand and Corel Draw. Please also see our datasheets Graphics Considerations. Other programs are
available to produce front matter and other typeset items.



These respective manufacturers, noted where appropriate, supply items listed on these pages. Following are contact phone

numbers for some suppliers. (Please note that the YMI Support Staff is not responsible for maintenance or support on
these items) :


                        513-779-8549              1DM Computer Solutions, Inc.

                        800-289-3776              Epson America (Dot matrix printer)

                        800-441-7234              Symantec (Norton Anti-Virus)



1    Optimum performance is best achieved using the fastest available computers outfitted disk controller and network interface

      cards of the highest available speed, consistent with your budgetary considerations.

2.   Additional RAM on the file server may be required depending on the number of nodes on the network. Please consult your

      network supplier.

3.   Although it is recommended that the File Server have 30Gb hard disk drive minimum, selection of hard disk size should be

      based upon amount of storage required by graphic and database files and the number and size of the directories. In some cases,

      this drive could be several more gigabytes. Where color separation is required, a larger drive could be needed. Server should have mirrored drives or RAID.

4.   IMPORTANT: The operator station running Sleight-of-Hand with required output of color-separated pages saved, as files should      have a hard disk drive of at least 20Gb; the drive could be even larger.

5.      The operator station where our interactive yellow page pagination program, Sleight-of-Hand, will be run should be outfitted with at least a 20'' monitor.