Need Remote Access to Your Yellow Magic System? It’s Easy, with MagicTime!


MagicTime is a client-server based technology that

enables remote access to Yellow Magic software, or “Software-Over-Internet” access.


 Consider the possibilities...


If you are a publisher with satellite offices or with sales reps operating from remote locations, MagicTime brings you closer than ever before. 


When you license your own internal MagicTime server, your sales reps and remote employees have immediate access to Yellow Magic from their location. 


With this access they can key contracts  directly into Yellow Magic over the Internet or print lead sheets and sales reports from where they work. 


MagicTime Benefits:


 Eliminate telephone calls, time and money wasted mailing your important information back and forth.

 Take advantage of the time saved and enjoy longer sales canvasses and shorter production schedules.






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 With direct access to Yellow Magic via the Internet, you can, in effect, "decentralize" those  functions once restricted to your central office for the cost of Internet access.

 Eliminate the frustration and isolation often        experienced by remote employees by providing them with all the benefits of your Yellow Magic products at their location.


If you are a publisher just starting out, or simply   searching for a more economical and productive way to publish books, owning your own system is not always the answer.


MagicTime may be the alternative you’ve been       seeking. Use MagicTime as a 'time-sharing service' to access Yellow Magic via the internet and perform all your daily publishing tasks, like contract entry, lead generation and payment posting, as if the system was actually running on-site in your facility.


When it comes to any tasks associated with            maintaining the system, however, whether it's a       network or software issue, our experts take over.  When you use MagicTime, we'll shoulder the responsibility of maintaining the system, but give you the control to get your own data in and out.


MagicTime customers receive one week of intensive training at the Yellow Magic Training Center in          Temecula-Murrieta, California.  During that week,     trainees get hands-on experience working with all of our directory publishing products in the MagicTime